I Saw All Vibrant Faces, Gloomy Looks

A Poetry Pour Down

Rabia Akram
2 min readSep 12, 2023
Photo by Jurica Koletić on Unsplash

It’s striking how I witnessed both joyful smiles and somber expressions – a reflection of the diverse range of human emotions.

In a room filled with vibrant smiles and cheerful laughter, I couldn’t help but notice the subtle nuances that lay beneath the surface. Among all the happy faces that surrounded me, there were those with gloomy looks that whispered stories of their own.

The smiles, like radiant sunbeams, painted a picture of joy and contentment. Yet, within some pairs of eyes, there were hints of shadows, moments of reflection, and tales of experiences not easily shared.

There’s an intricate blend of highs and lows. Behind every smile, there exists a unique journey, a collection of moments. It’s a spectrum of feelings that shape our lives.

I came to understand that empathy is the ability to understand and connect with our quieter and most hidden emotions. The laughter and companionship in that room is what makes it a powerful gift. By using it, we can bridge the gap between the joyful and the sorrowful. It is like being there for one another in both the brightest and darkest moments. Our shared human experience is both complex and beautiful, and deeply connected. It can be found in the company of these happy faces with gloomy looks.



Rabia Akram

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