In Our Tiny Houses, We’re Truly Free | A Poem

A beautiful spiritual escape from the outer reality

Rabia Akram
3 min readSep 14


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

In tiny houses, secrets quietly reside,

Small living, where hearts and dreams coincide.

With every space, a world to explore,

A haven of simplicity we truly adore.

In minimalism’s embrace, we find grace,

Reducing our footprint, leaving a smaller trace.

Eco-friendly havens under the open sky,

Where the Earth’s whispers are our lullaby.

Each tiny abode, a canvas to create,

Personal touches, making it truly great.

From cozy nooks to shelves that tell a story,

In this small haven, we find our glory.

A mindful way of life, we now embrace,

Values redefined, a slower pace.

In tiny houses, where hearts take flight,

We learn that less can bring true delight.

Challenges may come, but we stand strong,

In our tiny haven, where we belong.

Small living, with a big impact, we decree,

In our tiny houses, where we’re truly free.

Exploring Spirituality in Tiny Spaces

The idea of spirituality often conjures images of grand temples, vast cathedrals, or serene mountaintop retreats.

Photo by Darpan on Unsplashi

However, there’s a growing movement that demonstrates that spirituality can thrive even in the humblest of abodes – tiny houses.

These compact living spaces, typically ranging from 100 to 400 square feet, have become more than just homes; they’ve become sanctuaries where individuals are discovering profound spiritual connections.



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