[Know How] To Comment Like A Pro [Show Interest And Respect]

Comment in the same manner as you do in real life while conversing with others by holding hands. A sense of physical touch should be present.

Rabia Akram
3 min readSep 19, 2023
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I put a lot of effort into making meaningful comments, which is why I frequently talk about the importance of engaging with others in my previous posts. I value taking the time to write an expressive comment.

How to Write a Comment to Spark a Meaningful Discussion?

Clarity is a clue here.

Begin your comment with a friendly greeting or acknowledgment of the post or previous comments.

This sets a positive tone for the discussion.

How Do I Go About It? When I Am Not Familiar With The Given Topic, How Do I Approach It?

  1. First, I break down long sentences to make things clear.
  2. Then, I re-read the post carefully to understand it fully.
  3. I organize my thoughts in a structured way, and I make complex words simpler so everyone can get them.
  4. Lastly, I give my comment a personal touch, like telling a…



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