[Know How] To Comment Like A Pro [Show Interest And Respect]

Comment in the same manner as you do in real life while conversing with others by holding hands. A sense of physical touch should be present.

Rabia Akram
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I put a lot of effort into making meaningful comments, which is why I frequently talk about the importance of engaging with others in my previous posts. I value taking the time to write an expressive comment.

How to Write a Comment to Spark a Meaningful Discussion?

Clarity is a clue here.

Begin your comment with a friendly greeting or acknowledgment of the post or previous comments.

This sets a positive tone for the discussion.

How Do I Go About It? When I Am Not Familiar With The Given Topic, How Do I Approach It?

  1. First, I break down long sentences to make things clear.
  2. Then, I re-read the post carefully to understand it fully.
  3. I organize my thoughts in a structured way, and I make complex words simpler so everyone can get them.
  4. Lastly, I give my comment a personal touch, like telling a story.
  5. I think adding value to your comment is like providing nourishment to a withering plant. Provide substance to the discussion by sharing your thoughts, experiences, or insights related to the topic.

These steps help me connect with others and contribute to the conversation in a friendly and relatable way.

When it comes to commenting on someone else’s post, I apply the same strategies I use for writing my own post.

It allows me to genuinely join discussions and connect well with others.

Show Interest And Respect

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I really appreciate the gesture of holding hands while talking.



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