[The Correct Way] To Respond to a Post on Medium [Fix it Today]

Here’s a Tip on How to Turn 99% Failures into 100% Success

Rabia Akram
3 min readSep 17


I understand my subheading might seem misleading because there’s no surefire formula that guarantees a 100% success rate when responding to a post on Medium.

But pretend you’re reading a treasure map. X marks the spot where you find the golden nuggets of wisdom.

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Let me share some tips on how to respond effectively to a post even when you’re unfamiliar with the topic. I will guide you on how to respond to a post that you have no knowledge of.

The priority here is to build connections and contribute to the Medium community with quality content, rather than solely focusing on monetary gains.

My initial purpose for joining Medium wasn’t about chasing profits; it was all about the joy of reading. It’s still the heart and soul of Medium – a place dedicated to the love of reading and sharing knowledge.

You are here to make friends, apart from making money and writing about quality content. I joined Medium a long time ago due to my love for reading content about neural topics, and it gets intense.

In 2020, I began writing when I realized the importance of engagement on this platform. I wasn’t in the habit of writing regularly, but I’m making an effort now.

As time goes by, you’ll find yourself spending more time reading than writing.

The Correct Way To Respond to a Post on Medium

It’s all about properly engaging with articles and fellow writers on this vibrant platform.

If you want to be a part of this community, it’s important to write about your personal experiences and insights related to Medium. That’s a crucial part.

The excitement about AI is genuine, but remember, you’re conversing with actual individuals here, not robotic entities following scripts.

So what do we have to do?

Read Carefully

Thoroughly read the post to understand its content and the author’s perspective.

Add Value



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