The Story of A Woman Who Spent Her Entire Life In A Boat

Aalima: The River’s Eternal Companion

Rabia Akram


You may have read this story quite a while back.

The first time it was reported in the news was in 2020, and it still remains fresh in my mind to this day. It’s about a remarkable woman named Aalima, who lived by the calm Indus River in Sindh. At the age of seventy, she was still full of life and vigor, and her life story was as fascinating as the river itself.

Background Story

Aalima, a part of the Mir Bahr tribe, known as the ‘Kings of the River’ in Sindh, had spent her whole life on a boat. The river was her constant source of comfort and peace. I’m not sure about her present situation, but recently, I had a thought about that lady who lived her whole life on a boat. I decided to look her up on Google.

Back in the day, during an interview with a local news channel, Aalima shared her deep connection with the river, a bond that shaped her entire existence.

She said, “My whole life has happened on this boat. The soothing sway, the river’s soft words, and the boat’s hug – it’s where I feel at home.

Life away from the river seems strange to me,” she recalled with a nostalgic smile.

I discovered that Aalima was born on a boat, got married on a boat, and even gave birth to eleven beloved children, all while living on that same boat.

She said, “As long as I’m alive, I’ll stay here. And when my time comes, I want my final journey to be on these waters,” with hope shining in her eyes.

Although the exact year of her birth had faded from her memory, she could recall it was a few years after the birth of Pakistan. Her identity card dutifully recorded 1950 as her birth year, a vestige of days gone by.

The Boat-Home

Their boat-home was typically anchored on the left bank of the Indus River near a town in Bara Pattan. Aalima would spend…



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