Why Your Articles Are Not Getting Views? Analysis is Key. Triple it 10x

I’ve come to realize that writing on Medium can indeed be a rewarding experience, offering valuable insights. However, there’s a flip side to it that deserves attention.

Rabia Akram
4 min readSep 8


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Why Your Article Are Not Getting Views on Medium

Wondering why your Medium articles aren’t getting many views. Here are some simple explanations I’ve found while experimenting with different approaches.

1. There are lots of articles on Medium, so it can be tough to stand out.

2. New articles often get more attention. If yours is not fresh, it might not appear at the top.

3. Engaging with the community can help. If you’re not active, your articles might go unnoticed.

4. High-quality content tends to attract more readers. Make sure your writing is top-notch.

5. When you publish matters. Posting when your audience is active can boost visibility.

6. Sharing your articles on social media can bring in more readers.

The Sad Reality

When articles don’t receive the views they deserve, it can be quite discouraging. We have all had times when we put in a lot of effort and passion into writing articles, but the number of views didn’t meet our expectations.

The truth is, it happens to the best of us. Let’s face the sad reality here. Even the most brilliantly written articles can easily get unnoticed. It can sometimes feel like nobody’s paying attention. It’s as if everyone’s too busy promoting themselves to notice your work, and that can be quite frustrating.

The reality is, the competition for readers’ attention is super fierce, and even outstanding content might need a little nudge to shine brightly. So, this is why I find it challenging to figure out how to give that extra push. It can be a puzzle at times.

Analysis is Key

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what may be going wrong.



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