Writing is an Art of Seeing in Yourself What Others Cannot See

Let’s know the use of therapeutic writing as a form of ego-state therapy

Rabia Akram


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Writing, by its nature, is an act of ego

Do you truly believe in that? It’s a popular belief.

As I have reflected upon my life, I have observed that writing, when you really think about it, can seem like showing off a bit. You’re basically putting your thoughts and ideas in online publications for others to see and think about. In doing so, a writer is basically saying, “My words are worth your attention, consideration, and thought.”

My question to you is, are you actually convinced by that?

Here in this post my focus is mainly on these 2 basic topics:

  • The concept of inherent Egoism in writing
  • The use of therapeutic writing as a form of ego-state therapy.

But first of all…

Let’s Explore The Inherent Egoism in Writing

According to a post by The Guardian, there is a talk about inherent vanity.

There is an inherent vanity in writing; believing you have something special to offer the world is built-in to the very act of putting your work out into the world.

What is inherent vanity?

Inherent vanity is a concept that suggests someone possesses a natural or inherent tendency to be excessively concerned with their appearance, abilities, or self-worth. This trait is not merely acquired but rather an integral part of a person's personality.

My knowledge might be limited by what I have analyzed that the inherent egoism in writing isn’t always a negative trait; in fact, it can serve several valuable purposes. This inherent ego in writing is a powerful force that can keep you in a state of inspiration for extended periods, perhaps even for eternity. It’s not inherently negative, but it can have a profound impact on enhancing your writing style.

I don’t think you learn that ego in writing is a sickness. I feel that incorporating ego into writing can…



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